“Sleepless nights”

It’s 2:05 a.m right now,a dark night,dogs barking outside and my 4 year old son is still awake.,husband sleeping obstinately despite so much inconvenience in a room,I know he is just pretending that he is sleeping,may be he doesn’t want to boost my son’s energy of bieng awake and make unnecessary noise…uff!..I am trying hardContinue reading ““Sleepless nights””

In what situation a men or a women start writing?.

1.when no one understands his/her feelings.? 2.when no one has time to listen them.? 3.when he/she can’t explain feelings verbally? 4. When they wanted to show their feelings to the whole world? 5.when they wanted to record their thaughts in the form of writing? Your comments will be appreciated

Lockdown,”hidden impacts on women”

Covid-19,a pandemic that shaked the world with fear and anxiety..2020 goes like a roller coaster for everyone. We all unwelcomed the words like Lockdown, quarantine,PPE kits,self isolation our daily life. Lockdown has proved to be very challenging for all women- professional or homemaker,(family at home, demanding more attention and care)….working women had faced aContinue reading “Lockdown,”hidden impacts on women””

Life of SHE.

“Life of she” is the thinking of a women,a girl, daughter,wife and a a birth of a girl changes the equation in family and she faces society’s opinion towards her and make her feel that she can do anything but not everything.. And after that how her life faces many serious and funny challenges

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