“Every day is a Women’s Day”

I got up this morning,checked my cell phone,18 people have sent me about women’s day,”happy women day wallpapers,quotes on women’s day, so many status updates on women’s day etc.

I thought 8 March is the only day to remember women?…what about the rest of the days..I don’t believe on women’s day,mother’s day, fathers day they are so much needed persons in our life,they are the pillars of any family or society, why we are celebrating a day on them,I know you people will say, to make them feel special a day has been fixed.but I am not convinced.. because women don’t need a day to celebrate her identity even a mother or father needs.. social media takes over it on large scale,you will see today many post on women’s day.about how strong and respectful a women is,no matter from tomorow they will start making memes,body shaming, inappropriate comments on her sites etc..but not today,it’s a “women’s day”.

In every office and department women staff see a change in gesture towards her,hello mam happy women’s day..Boss announces a half day for women staff even they don’t need it today,one lady from that office got roasted by her boss last week, she asked for half day because her kids were not well..bad luck that was a normal day not a women’s day.

Boys posting pictures of mother,sisters and every women of his life,selfies posting with a caption “happy women’s day” #weshouldrespectwomen, and after returning home at night the gender abusing his wife,some ignoring his mother,making fun of girls on group video calls and so on..

Actually we are also used to about it,we know today is women’s day,mother’s day so we recieved every wish with a smile and deep inside we know the same society,or a person,a group how they behave on rest of the days..atleast enjoy today so we join the trend and moves on.

I am not saying every women feeling the same but a large percentage will agree with me…as I think, everyday is a women’s day even everyday is for everyone..all are equally significant.father, mother,men’s and women.

Everyday is a women’s day

Samreen sultana

Published by life of SHE

mommie,wife, daughter and a homemaker who are little interested in writing her experiences and thaughts to share with you

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