“Sleepless nights”

It’s 2:05 a.m right now,a dark night,dogs barking outside and my 4 year old son is still awake.,husband sleeping obstinately despite so much inconvenience in a room,I know he is just pretending that he is sleeping,may be he doesn’t want to boost my son’s energy of bieng awake and make unnecessary noise…uff!..I am trying hard to make my munchkin to sleep,singing songs(Lori),cracking jokes,sometimes forcing him to keep his mouth shut but he is not in a mood to sleep,asking for water several times,saying I want to pee and so many excuses so that he can awake for long..I am getting sleepy so much,my eyes are shutting down,but In mind I can’t sleep because it’s mother’s nature that she can’t sleep before her kid..laughing and singing poems and placing his legs on me and his father..my husband irritates and said “yar please make him sleep I am trying to sleep from 3 hours but he is continuously disturbing me”

Sometimes I feel pity on him because he has to go office sharp 8:00 a.m and due to covid-19 my son school is closed so he wakes up late and complete his sleep,,I know you are thinking that why I don’t wake him up early in the morning so that he can sleep early in the night,I did it so many times but failed,even he gets tired and yawn all day,he sleeps late on that day also..

One day i thaught to seperate my room,so that hubby can sleep calmly, but he didn’t like it and also my son shouts”papa k pas jana hai”.we three has an habit to sleep together in one room.

I talked to my doctor’s and some experts they said some kids have very less sleep or the routine will be change once he starts going to school again,may be he changes himself according to his age as he grows.

But I am struggling with this every night struggle..sometimes I forget everything and start playing with him no matter how much I feeling sleepy..snuggling,cuddling with laughter makes me feel that he is my bundle of joy,I know motherhood is not easy but life is heaven with him.

One day he will grow up inshallah then this will become a memory and I will laugh to remember all this.

So what if he is making us uncomfortable in night,he is our son, we are responsible parents it’s our duty to face this cute phase of our munchkin.

Ohh I am writing here and he slept,thank god finally we can sleep,I look at his innocent and cute face, kissed on his cheek and thanks god for giving us such a beautiful gift.

Share your comments with me if you are also facing this.

Samreen sultana

Published by life of SHE

mommie,wife, daughter and a homemaker who are little interested in writing her experiences and thaughts to share with you

15 thoughts on ““Sleepless nights”

  1. Mother’s love more than anything ❤️❤️Being a Mother is the only Job without salary💯👌, no promotion💯👌, no day off💯👌, no overtime pay but duty is 24 hours a day💯👌, 7 days a week and 365 days a Year💯👌. Cheers to all wonderful Mothers🥂🌹❤️. May God Bless Y’all 💯😇.😘❤

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