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“Every day is a Women’s Day”

I got up this morning,checked my cell phone,18 people have sent me about women’s day,”happy women day wallpapers,quotes on women’s day, so many status updates on women’s day etc. I thought 8 March is the only day to remember women?…what about the rest of the days..I don’t believe on women’s day,mother’s day, fathers day theyContinue reading ““Every day is a Women’s Day””

“Sleepless nights”

It’s 2:05 a.m right now,a dark night,dogs barking outside and my 4 year old son is still awake.,husband sleeping obstinately despite so much inconvenience in a room,I know he is just pretending that he is sleeping,may be he doesn’t want to boost my son’s energy of bieng awake and make unnecessary noise…uff!..I am trying hardContinue reading ““Sleepless nights””

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